Ewan McGregor Confirms Noel Gallagher’s Claim That They Once Exchanged Lightsaber Blows

While stopping by Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday night, Ewan McGregor finally confirmed a Noel Gallagher anecdote that everyone just assumed was a tall tale from the Oasis rocker. As Gallagher tells it, he gave McGregor “lightsaber lessons” shortly after the actor was cast as a young Obi-Wan Kenobi in the Star Wars prequel trilogy. When asked by Kimmel if the story is true, McGregor admits that he did exchange lightsaber blows with his old friend, but he wouldn’t exactly call it training. Via THR:

“Well, it was Noel Gallagher’s 30th birthday party and he lived quite close to me in London, north London,” McGregor began, laughing. “And I was at his party and then there was a lightsaber fight in his garden very early the next day in the morning. But I don’t remember too much instruction. I don’t remember any lessons being given by Noel. It was just more of a battle in the garden.”

As for who won, McGregor was completely honest about the festivities. “I would be surprised if either of us could remember that.” Of course, Kimmel’s questioning wasn’t completely random. McGregor is currently pulling double duty filming the new Obi-Wan Kenobi series for Disney+ and promoting Halston, his upcoming limited series for Netflix that stars McGregor as the late, openly gay fashion icon who famously lost his once glamorous clothing line in a sale to J.C. Penney.

In fact, the actor was recently filming the Kenobi series on May the 4th, a major holiday for Star Wars fans, and he teased Kimmel that he got to shoot a scene with a “someone very special in my life” who he’s never worked with before. But unlike the Gallagher tale, McGregor wasn’t offering any confirmations despite Kimmel trying his best.

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)

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