The Two Most Prominent Female ‘Fast And Furious’ Characters Will Finally ‘Have A Scene Together’ In ‘F9’

Michelle Rodriguez has played Letty Ortiz in six Fast and Furious movies. Jordana Brewster has played Mia Toretto in five Fast and Furious movies. But the two actresses, playing the two most prominent female characters in the Fast and Furious universe, have yet to share a one-on-one scene. They’ve been in the same group shot, but that’s like saying Gwyneth Paltrow goes way back with Paul Rudd because they were both in the Avengers: Endgame portals scene together — it barely counts.

But Rodriguez and Brewster will thankfully (and finally) have a meaningful conversation in F9. Considering Letty and Mia are related by marriage, it’s long overdue.

“Michelle was like, ‘Dude, we’ve never had a scene together. We’re always secondary with the guys. We don’t interact. We have a sisterhood. We need to explore this,'” Brewster told Insider. “Michelle’s always been very outspoken about not doing anything that isn’t true to character, and that means not placating the guys, that means not playing second fiddle to the guys.” Bring back Gisele while you’re at. I miss her:

“I’m really grateful that we got a chance to do that,” Brewster said of getting to share the screen with Rodriguez. “Hopefully, we’ll continue to explore it because there’s so much to unearth there.”

F9 comes out on June 25.