Vin Diesel Returns To His Old, Exciting Life In The ‘F9’ Super Bowl Commercial

In another timeline, we would have all seen F9 — aka Fast & Furious 9 — back in May and been happy for the first in 20-year-old series in three years. Instead thing got out of hand, and we’re still a few months away from its new release date. Who knows how safe movie theaters will even be in late May, when it’s set to finally emerge. And just to hold you over, here’s a brand new Super Bowl ad, featuring a taste of some of the craziness from the official trailer released over a year ago.

Like we said, the ad is short on some of that trailer’s more ridiculous moments. No outracting a collapsing rope bridge. No Vin Diesel appearing to catch a car. No magnet plane. (There is a building completely collapsing, though.) Instead it keeps things simple, focusing on how Diesel’s Dominic Toretto — now a farmer, it seems — gets sucked back in. That character arc has taken on some added resonance in the last year, when many of us have been afraid to go to movie theaters, to see big, proudly idiotic movies like F9 on a big screen, with great sound, surrounded by total strangers.

But for now, ignore all that. Here’s some car crashes and Charlize Theron’s new bowl cut and Diesel’s grumbling mumble. And perhaps, when it hits theaters on May 28, things will be safe enough for us to enjoy the glorious dumbness together.