Of Course Glen Powell And Daisy Edgar-Jones Went Line Dancing At A Bull-Riding Club While Filming ‘Twisters’

In order to make it seem like on-screen costars are friends, they might have to actually be friends. It can be a little obvious when two leads hate each other, so why not bond with your fellow cast members right off the bat? You may end up getting matching tattoos with Sir Ian McKellen.

But for Twisters, Daisy Edgar-Jones and her co-stars were out in Oklahoma, so they had to bond the old-fashioned way: by going line dancing and bull riding. You know, normal happy hour stuff.

“We did a lot of line dancing,” Edgar-Jones told Variety. “We went to this one particular club called Cowboys. It was amazing, people would be line dancing for like hours and hours, or swing dancing,” The Normal People actress revealed that eventually, “everyone would move to the other side of the room and they’d bring out a live bull and actually bull ride in the middle of the club.” It sounds scary, but not that much scarier than a deadly tornado.

In Twisters, Edgar-Jones stars as Kate, a young woman who crosses paths with Tyler Owens, a storm chaser influencer on the hunt for his next big twister, played by Glen Powell. As it turns out, there were multiple storms during the filming, which took place in May 2023. “One day, we were filming this scene where a tornado rips through a farmers market, and they made this amazing set full of these stalls. And this crazy windstorm came in and took the entire set out,” the actress revealed. “We were hunkered down in the shops nearby, watching the whole set be destroyed, only for us to then film it being destroyed 20 minutes later when they set it back up again.”

Edgar-Jones mentioned another storm, which director Lee Isaac Chung wanted to follow. “There’s a scene where Glen and I are looking for a tornado in the distance, and a ‘mothership,’ or mesocyclone cloud, formed behind us,” she said. “We looked like two of the most idiotic storm chasers, because we were like, ‘Where is it?’ and it was literally just there. We all had to leave, and it produced a tornado. Isaac actually went out chasing and saw it. We weren’t allowed to for insurance reasons.” Luckily, insurance didn’t stop them from being in the same room as a real live bull in their off-time.

Twisters hits theaters on July 19.

(Via Variety)