Jokester Hugh Grant Is Of Course Making Saucy Comments About Starring In The New ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ Movie

Dungeons and Dragons has been the basis for countless movies and TV shows for decades whether the less Chessex-experienced among us realize it or not. The character archetypes, monsters, and magic from the fantasy realm can be found all across the entertainment landscape, so perhaps it was only a matter of time before an IP-specific Dungeons and Dragons movie came to fruition.

That time is now, with Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves, set to hit theaters next March. The movie’s cast is fittingly making the rounds at San Diego Comic-Con this week to hype the first trailer for the star-studded fantasy epic. And among them is Hugh Grant, who apparently cannot help himself when being associated with the word “dungeon.”

Grant, who will play a rogue named Forge, may not have the 5e rulebook in his library. But he does know how to make some kinky wordplay to get the movie some buzz. In an SDCC interview with Entertainment Weekly, Grant joked that he’s been a longtime “dungeon master,” but not with any dice involved.

“Well, I was a Dungeon Master,” Grant said dryly, before quipping, “But it was more S&M and less D&D. It’s the English version.”

As the group burst into laughter, Rodriguez spoke for everyone when she replied, “I wasn’t expecting that!”

Apparently, this is a joke you might get from Grant quite a bit in the junket circuit, as he later elaborated during an SDCC panel.

The jokes continued at a panel later in the day at Hall H. When the moderator joked that he had heard Grant was a lifelong D&D fan, Rodriguez corrected him: “I think you mixed it up with S&M.”

“She’s not wrong,” said Grant. “I’ve been an enthusiastic Dungeon Master for some years now. That’s a British pastime, [a] national sport almost. I believe that’s why the Jonathans [the directors] thought of me for this, my reputation.”

There’s really no telling what this movie will be or if it will be any good at all, but at least Grant is having some fun with the press tour. No kink-shaming here.

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