Jack Quaid Has Finally Been Forgiven For ‘Killing’ Amandla Stenberg’s Rue In ‘Hunger Games’

Long before Jack Quaid’s Hughie experienced the A-train induced trauma that led him to start pounding Compound V like it was going out of style, he was part of the vast ensemble cast in the first The Hunger Games movie. He’s since starred as part of the equally vast ensemble cast in the newest Scream incarnation, and he’s a much more recognizable face these days. Whereas back in the day, his biggest claim to fame was being a District 1 career tribute named Marvel, who displayed some of the unsettling smile-factor that one would expect from the offspring of Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan.


A close up, if you will. It’s a face that’s up to no good:


Jack also received plenty of grief for what Marvel did: He killed the beloved Rue, who was a friend to Katniss even when they were supposed to be mortal enemies. Previously, people called the actor out on Twitter after realizing that Jack played that dastardly role, and this led to Jack apologizing with an “Oh sh*t that’s right. Sorry.” He added, “I was brainwashed by my luxurious District 1 upbringing. But yes incredibly sorry.”

Well finally (via Indiewire), the time has come for a confrontation, but it worked out well! At this past weekend’s San Diego Comic-Con, Amanda and Jack came face to face in an E! News panel (which you can view on TikTok), and Amanda declared that she had finally forgiven him for “killing” her. He responded, “Yes! Yes! Thank you Amandla. Oh my god, people were spitting on me in the streets for years.”

Granted, those “streets” might actually be Twitter, but Quaid did endure plenty of ribbing whenever people stumbled upon the Panem reruns on cable TV. To update the situation: Jack Quaid did carry out the physical motions of killing Rue, but he’s very very sorry. And now, we have closure.

(Via IndieWire)