‘The Boys’ Actor Jack Quaid Did What He Needed To Do After People Rediscovered His ‘The Hunger Games’ Misdeeds

Jack Quaid is enjoying a hell of a run on Amazon Prime’s The Boys as wee Hughie, who increasingly sees some sh*t after being the first character to, you know, see some sh*t on the show. He’ll also appear as part of the ensemble in the confusingly named new Scream movie, and my hunch is that could totally be the new killer. Heck, the guy is the son of Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan and manages to wear both of their smiles at different times, so he can pull off the Ghostface mask. You know it’s possible.

He’s a recognizable face now, but back in the day, not so much. As a result, some people are just now realizing that Jack appeared in the 2012’s The Hunger Games.


No really, look at his facial expression. Jack played a tribute from District 1 named Marvel, and since he was a Career pack tribute, he clearly had murder on the brain.


People keep stumbling onto Jack while rewatching the movie. As one Twitter user was heartbroken to recall over the weekend, Jack’s Marvel was the tribute was to take out Rue. Unforgivable!

Jack, however, knew that he did wrong. Once he was called out, he owned up right away with an apology: “Oh shit that’s right. Sorry.”

He also had a pretty good justification for his character’s mindset. “In all fairness, I met my demise VERY quickly afterwards,” he explained. “I was brainwashed by my luxurious District 1 upbringing. But yes incredibly sorry.”

Yet Jack Falahee from How To Get Away With Murder wasn’t letting Quaid off the hook so fast: “You POS.”

And Jack continued to faux-grovel: “I mean I can’t disagree.”

That wasn’t the worst of Jack Quaid’s misdeeds, though. He made another confession about murdering some fruit. Somebody stop him.