Jon Hamm Has A Rave Review Of Tom Cruise’s Enthused Behavior On The ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Set

Jon Hamm is opening up about the surreal experience of filming Top Gun: Maverick with Tom Cruise, and he has nothing but positive things to say about working with the biggest movie star on the planet. While talking about surviving quarantine life with Men’s Health, the Mad Men actor raved about Cruise’s professionalism and now it trickles down to the whole set.

“He is 100 percent movie star and 100 percent a leader,” Hamm said. “On Mad Men, I learned that if the person at the top of the food chain behaves in a certain way, then that’s how the rest of the folks are going to behave. Tom’s always ready. He’s already prepared. He’s always on time. He’s got 900 things going on that you don’t even know about.”

Hamm also got the chance to ask Cruise what it was like returning to the world of Top Gun after all of these years, and the Maverick actor was pumped as always.

You could tell that he was having the time of his life, and that enthusiasm completely washed over the rest of the cast. My first day on set, I said to Tom, “This has to be just surreal for you. Like you’re literally in the same hangar, 30 years later. In nearly the same costume. What’s that like?” And he goes, “Man, it’s unreal. How cool is this?”

As for Hamm’s role in the film, he was a little more coy, but it sounds like he’ll be butting heads with Cruise’s hot-shot pilot. “He’s air boss of the fighter wing. He has a lot of authority and responsibility. When that rubs up against Maverick, there’s friction, as you would guess. I provide the friction.”

(Via Men’s Health)