Thanks To A Mix-up, Karen Gillan Once Accidentally Wound Up Having To Do Zoom Therapy In Nebula Makeup

Karen Gillan is a very talented actress, but she’s all but unrecognizable in her most famous role: Nebula in the Marvel movies. She’s the blue-skinned adoptive sister of Zoe Saldaña’s green-skinned Gamora, first seen in the original Guardians of the Galaxy outing, when they weren’t yet on good terms. Nebula is also part-cyborg, meaning the Doctor Who vet has to wear a lot of makeup that is later augmented with CGI. And one day during a shoot, she forgot she had couples therapy.

Gillan shared a screenshot of the ignominious day on social media, showing her, her husband Nick Kocher, and their therapist all congregating over Zoom while she filmed the third Guardians of the Galaxy. Their therapist’s face is blocked out with an emoji, but it’s Gillan’s face that is the most ridiculous, plastered in blue and purple and red lipstick, her hair covered under an aggressive bald patch.

“In honour of Guardians of the Galaxy in theaters Friday, here’s a screenshot of the time I forgot I had scheduled a COUPLES THERAPY session on a day we were shooting,” she wrote in the post.

Earlier this year, Gillan revealed that she and Kocher, a comic, had secretly tied the knot in 2022. So congrats to her, and congrats to her character inspiring Chris Pratt’s Star-Lord to drop the first f-bomb in MCU movie history.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)