Lady Gaga Might Be Boarding The ‘Joker’ Sequel As One Of DC’s Most Popular Semi-Villains (And Oh, It Might Also Be A Musical)

Lady Gaga hasn’t appeared in that many movies, though she’s been on television so long that she’s won a Golden Globe (for American Horror Story) and even appeared on The Sopranos (her screen debut). But she’s already in talks to break into the most popular motion picture genre right now: comic book movies. It’s fitting, though, that it’s not some run-of-the-mill superhero film. Instead, it’s one of those renegade ones.

As per The Hollywood Reporter, the one born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta is in “early talks” to co-star in the Joker sequel that was recently teased by co-writer/director Todd Phillips. The film is currently has the fancy title of Joker: Folie à Deux, the term for lovers sharing a crazed delusion.

But with whom would the clown that fights Batman go Dutch on said madness? If you guessed Harley Quinn, despite that character already being currently played by another very popular actress, you were correct. Yes, it seems the Joker wing of the DC movie-verse is doubling down on having multiple iterations of popular characters going at once. Margot Robbie is still playing Ms. Quinn in the DCEU, while Jared Leto is almost certainly never playing its take on the Joker. (And then there’s the The Batman wing, which has its own Joker. This is getting pretty complicated.)

But there’s more: Sources claim the sequel will also be a musical. If this all pans out, Oscar viewers might watch as Lady Gaga once again performs some romantic song, this time while staring into the eyes of Joaquin Phoenix, maybe in clown make-up.

(Via THR)