Leslie Grace Went And Dropped Behind-The-Scenes Footage From The Scrapped ‘Batgirl’ Film

Last month, the new honchos at the newly merged Warner Bros. Discovery did the unthinkable and unprecedented: They scrapped a mostly-complete big-budget comic book movie. Batgirl — and the sequel Scoob!: Holiday Haunt — were yanked from release, with execs reasoning it would be more cost-effective to scrap them for tax breaks rather than spend money advertising and releasing them. The move was shocking to fans, and to the many, many people who worked tirelessly to make them. That includes star Leslie Grace, who over the weekend dropped what may be some of the only footage anyone will ever see of the film’s production.

Grace took to TikTok, where she shared a brief montage of behind-the-scenes footage. “I couldn’t resist,” she wrote in the caption. The footage includes lots of her training her butt off, practicing fight moves for a movie people may never see. At one point she can be seen fighting off someone who’s choking her. At the end you can see her in her full Batgirl regalia, a big smile on her face, clearly thrilled to have nabbed such a role in such a high-profile production.

The song played over top of it is Omar Apollo’s “Evergreen (You Didn’t Deserve Me At All).”

The backlash against Warner Bros. Discovery’s bizarre move has been fierce, but they don’t appear to be losing any sleep over it. Meanwhile, they’re going all in on The Flash solo movie, despite everything its star, Ezra Miller, has done. But it’s clear some people aren’t ready to move on as though everything is fine.

(Via Deadline)