This ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Supercut Highlights The Glory Of All Those Close-Up Shots

Mad Max: Fury Road is essentially a road trip movie, and since the majority of the story unfolds during a frenetically insane car-chase sequence, the cinematography plays a huge part.

Since its theatrical release, a number of tribute videos and supercuts have hit the web paying homage to the post-apocalyptic world George Miller returned to in Fury Road. The most recent edit to hit our radar is the above supercut from editor Jorge Luengo Ruiz. Here, the importance of the film’s camera work is highlighted as Ruiz has mashed together a bunch of the push-in and pull-back shots featured in Fury Road. There are some spoilery items  featured throughout the above video, so tread lightly.

You’ve got your dolly shots and then you’ve got your dolly shots. What transpires throughout Mad Max: Fury Road feels like a psychotic adrenaline spiking melange of all of the best kinetic movements one can physically put a camera through.

Hey, don’t mind me. I might just let this video play on a loop until the Blu-ray hits shelves in September. So shiny! So chrome!

(Via /Film)