Mia Goth May Not Have Gotten That Oscar Nomination For ‘Pearl,’ But She Is Heading To The MCU For ‘Blade’

Mia Goth has been one of the more interesting and singular actresses for a good while now, blowing away audiences with her fearless work since at least Lars von Trier’s Nymphomaniac a decade back. Some even believe she was snubbed for an Oscar nomination for her work in last year’s Pearl. That didn’t happen. But she is getting something that’s a bit more lucrative than receiving some fancy trophy.

As per Deadline, Goth has been added to the cast of Blade, the in-the-works new stab at the vampire character previously embodied by Wesley Snipes. Two-time Oscar-winner Mahershala Ali is taking over as the good guy bloodsucker, which will be helmed by ’71 director Yann Demange after a bit of a shake-up over who would helm.

It’s not known who Goth will play, but it will be the blockbuster debut of an actress who’s so far stuck to daring projects by iconoclastic filmmakers. Not only did she make her big screen debut with Lars von Trier, but she’s also worked with such figures as Luca Guadagnino for his remake of Suspiria, Clarie Denis on her sad space movie High Life, and Brandon Cronenberg on this year’s Infinity Pool.

Long before comic book movies took over Hollywood, Blade fueled three separate movies starring Wesley Snipes, including one made by no less than Guillermo del Toro. Those films were proudly R-rated, so we’ll see if this one is, too.

(Via Deadline)