‘Pearl’ Star Mia Goth Has Offered Her Theory On Why The Oscars Continue To Say ‘Nope’ To The Horror Genre

The Oscars went went into blockbuster mode this year while ignoring the horror genre, although that last detail isn’t too surprising. Even Jordan Peele’s Nope got snubbed in 2023 after he won Best Original Screenplay in 2018 for Get Out. Yes, this is generally what happens when it comes to spooks and scares, and that’s certainly why Mia Goth didn’t receive a Best Actress nod for her most recent entry in Ty West’s X trilogy, Pearl. Well, Mia Goth fans sounded off in her defense following the Oscar announcements, but Mia seems to take this inevitable outcome in stride.

While promoting her role opposite Alexander Skarsgård in Brandon Cronenberg’s Infinity Pool, Mia responded to a question from Fox 32 Chicago’s Jake Hamilton about why the Oscars don’t give horror any respect.

Yes. she does (as Decider’s Alex Zalben observed) “pleasantly” sound similar to “one of the orphans in the chorus of Oliver,” but Mia makes some spot-on points:

“I think that it’s very political, and it’s not entirely based on the quality of a project, per se. I think there’s a lot going on there. A lot of cooks in the kitchen when it comes to nominations … and categories that are recognized. I don’t know, maybe I shouldn’t say that, either … I think a change is necessary, a shift should take place. If they want to engage with the wider public, it would be of benefit, really.”

You heard her. Let’s get M3GAN some Oscars, too. Yet what’s really important here is that Mia Goth loves what she’s doing in the horror realm because (as she previously said) “the material is challenging,”yet “those are the movies I enjoy watching!” Also, it doesn’t hurt that (as our own Josh Kurp observed) she gets to put a leash on a Skarsgård while attending a premiere. Good times.

(Via Jake Hamilton)