‘Batgirl’ Isn’t Coming Out, So One Of The Directors Went Ahead And Shared A Photo Of Michael Keaton As Batman

Batgirl joins The Day the Clown Cried and I Love You, Daddy among completed or nearly completed films that were shelved. But unlike the controversial movies about a circus clown in a Nazi concentration camp and Louis C.K. as the dad of a young daughter who’s being seduced by an older man, Batgirl reportedly won’t see the light of day because Warner Bros. wants to save a few bucks.

Batgirl directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah (Bad Boys for Life) were understandably distraught by the decision. “We still can’t believe it,” they wrote in a joint post on Instagram. “As directors, it is critical that our work can be shown to audiences, and while the film was far from finished, we wish that fans all over the world would have had the opportunity to see and embrace the final film themselves. Maybe one day they will insha’Allah.” Until that day comes, however, they’ll share what they can of the movie.

Batgirl co-director Adil El Arbi shared a photo of what would have been Michael Keaton’s return as Batman. Shared on Arbi’s Instagram story, the photo shows Keaton in his full Batman costume, along with Leslie Grace’s Batgirl. The photo was shared following Warner Bros. Discovery’s sudden cancellation of Batgirl.

You can see our best look at Keaton’s Batman yet here.

Warner Bros. shelving Batgirl also reportedly deprived us of a reference to Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman. If anyone can get the film released, it’s Britney Spears.

(Via CBR)