Michael Keaton Shared A New Batman Photo To Tease His Return As The Dark Knight

Just in case fans forgot they’re getting a double dose of Batman this year, Michael Keaton posted a new Instagram photo that has fans going wild in the replies. Presumably the cool as heck silhouette of Keaton’s Dark Knight is from the set of the new Batgirl movie coming to HBO Max. That film is currently filming in London, and there have been paparazzi photos of Keaton’s Batman on set.

You can check out Keaton’s Batman photo below, which has fans filling up the comments with remarks like “BEST BATMAN EVER!!!!” and “THE Batman. THE. Always” along with a whole lot of fire emoji.

After The Batman debuts in March, Keaton’s classic version of the Dark Knight will return later this year in The Flash, which will also feature the last appearance of Ben Affleck’s Batman. So maybe we should’ve said there’s a triple dose of Batman coming down the line.

As for how Keaton is handling being in both the DC Extended Universe and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the actor revealed his secret to straddling the two worlds: Not knowing what the heck is happening at anytime. During a November appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Keaton revealed that he’s clueless probably 90% of the time he’s on set as either the Vulture or Batman.

“I have no f*cking clue,” Keaton jokingly admitted to Kimmel. “I have no idea who’s who or why or where I even am.”

(Via Michael Keaton on Instagram)