Nicolas Cage Is Set To Make Heads Explode By Finally Teaming With A24 And Ari Aster (At Least As A Producer)

Over the last several years, A24 has distinguished itself as arguably America’s foremost independent film company. They even have their own distinct voice: On top of high-end American art cinema like Moonlight and The Florida Project, they also crank out genre movies that are (for lack of a better word) “elevated,” serious but eccentric, sometimes even crossover hits. In other words, they’re the perfect place for Nicolas Cage, perhaps the biggest movie star weirdo of the modern age. So how on earth hasn’t the Oscar-winner worked with them yet? Anyway, that’s finally about to change.

As per Deadline, Cage has signed on to star in Dream Scenario, whose title definitely sounds like something that would come from the studio behind movies like Swiss Army Man, The Death of Dick Long, and Everything Everywhere All at Once, the latter their biggest-ever moneymaker. As for what it’s actually about, that’s under wraps. All that’s currently known about it is that it’s a comedy, and that it almost certainly involves dreams.

If the marriage of Nicolas Cage and A24 wasn’t enough, there’s a little cherry on top: It will be produced — but not directed — by Ari Aster, one of the studio’s titans, who had big hits with the madly ambitious nightmare horrors Hereditary and Midssommar. He’s a little busy right now with Disappointment Blvd., which is due sometime next year. As for Cage, he’s been enjoying something of a career renaissance of late, getting some of his best-ever reviews for movies like Mandy, Pig, and the meta romp The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent. Then there’s Renfield, in which the star of Vampire’s Kiss — about an ’80s NYC yuppie who (wrongly) thinks he’s a vampire — actually gets to play the big cheese himself, Count Dracula.

(Via Deadline)