Heartbreak Will Continue To Feel Good At AMC Theaters Now That Nicole Kidman Has Renewed Her Contract

Last year, Academy Award-winning actress Nicole Kidman set out to embark on her biggest role yet: being the spokesperson for AMC movie theaters. While it might seem like a small feat, the actress went above and beyond, creating an ad campaign so moving and inspiring that movies were single-handedly brought back from their pandemic-induced lull. Kind of.

Now, Kidman has extended her contract for another year, which means there will likely be more incredible commercials before you go to see Halloween Ends in theaters.

AMC CEO Adam Aron announced the news in the company’s earnings call earlier this week. “As Nicole Kidman reminds us in AMC’s now iconic and revered advertising campaign, ‘Given that Hollywood has great stories to tell,’ it’s clear that movie fans are ever so eager to enjoy those dazzling images on AMCs huge solo screens,” Aron explained. “Speaking of Nicole, our ad campaign was so effective that we signed her to be our spokesperson for another full year.” A whole new year of Kidman memes? Heartbreak really does feel good in a place like this.

The ad campaign became an unexpected (and expensive) hit as moviegoers returned to the movie theaters last fall, sparking hundreds of memes and reenactments of Kidman’s iconic movie-inspired monologue. Fans even complained when an edited-down version was shown instead of the full one, and they made a petition to “release the Kidman cut.”

We aren’t just entertained, but somehow…reborn. Together. For another year. With Nicole Kidman.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)