Nicole Kidman Had No Idea People Had Strong Reactions To Her AMC Theatres Commercial

Nicole Kidman has been Hoovering up awards for Being the Ricardos, the new Aaron Sorkin movie in which she plays Lucille Ball opposite Javier Bardem’s Desi Arnaz. But it’s not the only motion picture that’s garnered her a lot of attention lately. Perhaps even more people have seen her AMC Theatres ad. It bowed in September and it finds the actress beckoning people back to movie theaters — specifically AMC theaters — as the pandemic seemed to be getting better. It cost $25 million but perhaps it was worth it. Despite the Omicron variant, people are still flocking to see Spider-Man: No Way Home as well as the new Scream.

People also kept talking about the ad. It’s been a fixture on social media, inspiring jokes and memes. When AMC cut the minute-long ad in half, removing its most celebrated line (“Somehow heartbreak feels good in a place like this”), people online noticed.

One person who had no idea the ad was so big was Kidman herself. In a new interview with The Playlist, the Oscar-winning actress — who may win another trophy for Being the Ricardos — was stunned to learn that it was so big that had even inspired t-shirts:

Well, I don’t know if you know this, but people love the line, “Somehow heartbreak feels good in a place like this,” so much that they have printed it on T-shirts.

Are you kidding?

Oh no. It’s real. Ask [your publicist]. She can send you stuff. It’s a thing.

Publicist: People have printed it out and handed it out in a theater so they could read it with you before a movie.


Yes. It is a thing.




Kidman was a bit less shocked to learn that so many people glommed onto the line about heartbreak. “But it’s a great line, right?” she said, adding, “It’s so true. How true is it too?” She then elaborated:

I mean, talk about not feeling alone, sitting in a cinema with a broken heart, and then watching something that breaks your heart again, and you go, “I’m not alone.” Please. This must not go away. We have to have cinema.

So, if you too like crying in movie theaters, then Kidman has your back. You can watch the full, original ad in the video above.

(Via The Playlist)