Like Drew Barrymore, Parker Posey Thinks Her Slain ‘Scream’ Character Should Come Back To The Franchise

The Scream franchise is back and arguably stronger than ever, and usually with a longtime franchise that means lots of callbacks. Problem is, this is a horror franchise, with the requisite high body count. A lot of great and famous actors have been brutally murdered over the seven films, but that hasn’t stopped some of them from wishing to come back, somehow. Drew Barrymore, the first to ever eat it in the series, wants back in. And now so does Scream 3 victim Parker Posey.

As caught by Variety, the legendary actress, who can currently be seen in a memorable role in Ari Aster’s Beau is Afraid, recently did an interview with They asked her what she thought of Barrymore’s pitch, which was that her character was only faking being dead. Posey responded with a similar but less far-fetched idea:

“Well, I did an interview for WNYC Radio, like three weeks ago, for the play I was doing. And they said, ‘Well, there’s some people here that want to say hi.’ And it was the Scream team. And I actually pitched, ‘Can I just be in another dimension and come back? And continue to …’ I hope so. I would love to do that. That was really fun. I can’t believe Wes Craven let me get away with some of the silly stuff I was doing. I loved him, and that was fun.”

Multiverses are hot right now, so why not? Scream isn’t that realistic, so they could get in on the same action as Rick and Morty and the MCU. Besides, Posey is an always welcome presence, so if the Scream team isn’t into going the multiverse route, why not just give her an entirely new character? As Barrymore said about her idea, “With good writing, you can make anything happen.”

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