Nobody Worry, Sylvester Stallone Has Finally Weighed In On Who Would Win A Fight Between Rocky And Rambo

Who would win in a fight: Rocky or Rambo?

We’ve all had this argument on the playground after we were finished debating Batman vs. Superman, Alien vs. Predator, Ecks vs. Sever. But no one has thought about it more than Sylvester Stallone, who, after five Rambo movies of varying quality and eight Rocky films of better quality, has finally shared his results in a recent Instagram post.

“If it’s two men meeting in the street and going at each other with no rules I believe the outcome would be… If the fighters wore to remain upright Rocky would prevail. His body punches and Right Hooks Would eventually beat Rambo”

There’s your answers, folks. It’s… oh wait, there’s more.

“If the fight goes to the ground , Rambo will prevail In a bloody brutal fight to the end”

OK, so the victor is… never mind, he’s still not finished.

Rethinking this scenario, I believe that upon initial contact, since they will not be in the rain but fighting outside, basically a street fight, the Rocky will land the first five or six blows. If that does not incapacitate Rambo, which I don’t think he will unless he’s caught clean, Rambo’s skill set will definitely be in full display, , Which means incredibly vicious assaults on the eyes, the throat, every vulnerable part of the body eventually leading to being pulled to the ground and most likely mauled… Then again Rocky is incredibly resilient and pretty good on the ground too !!! That’s my opinion in this fictional world. Final result is neither man will ever be the same.

The winner: Sylvester Stallone, for being the only man strong enough to take on Sylvester Stallone.