Terry Crews Wants To Play Ariel’s Dad In ‘The Little Mermaid’ So Bad, He Posted Photoshops

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Prep on Disney’s live-action redo of The Little Mermaid has been a bit bumpy. First, it took years to get off the ground following a false start. Then, after Melissa McCarthy was cast a few weeks back as tentacled baddie Ursula, there was a call for her to replaced by Lizzo, including by Lizzo herself. Then there was the racist backlash over the casting of Halle Bailey (not Halle Berry) as Ariel.

So, here’s something to lighten the mood: As caught by Entertainment Weekly, Terry Crews wants to play Ariel’s dad so bad, he published photoshopped pictures of himself in the role.

The Brooklyn Nine-Nine team member and Idiocracy prez has been on this line of thought for a few days now. Last Saturday, he published a less slick version of the same plea: that he get to strap on some fish legs and play King Triton, the disapproving father of a young woman who’s so in love with a human she signs on to a devious pact to go ashore with people legs. (The role in the original, incidentally, was voiced by Mel Brooks regular Kenneth Mars, best known for the Hitler-loving ex-Nazi playwright in The Producers and the stiff-armed inspector in Young Frankenstein.)

So far, Crews’ petition to play the role has gone well, with the original tweet scoring over 25,000 re-tweets and over 117,000 likes over the last few days.

Still, others had different ideas for who to play King Triton.

Indeed, someone took the idea of Idris Elba so far as to make their own photoshop, but with him.

So, who are you for, Crews or Elba? Or is it cruel that one must choose, and for something that may not impact Disney’s casting anyway?

(Via Entertainment Weekly)