One Man’s Awesome Friends Turned Him Into Rambo For An Amazing Bachelor Party

RAMBO DAY. from gnarly bay on Vimeo.

If you’re currently planning your best bro’s bachelor party, and your idea of an epic time is partying with some sick babes and bottle service in Las Vegas like all of the other rad dudes of America, you need to stop and reconsider everything. To celebrate their good friend Dana Saint’s marriage last year, his undeniably “amazing group of friends” hosted a presumably fun, ridiculous and heartwarming role-playing game that began with “arresting” the groom-to-be and turning him into one of his all-time favorite movie characters – John Rambo.

The result was an incredible “Rambo Day” that featured the spray-tanned hero “rescuing” his closest friends from their older brothers who had picked on them as kids, complete with water balloon and paintball battles, hidden bottles of whiskey, his grandfather’s car repurposed as Will Teasle’s sheriff’s car, some mild cross-dressing, and even a pyrotechnician blowing some sh*t up.

Seriously, if you’re planning a bachelor party right now, watch this video and then ask yourself – would your bro rather be the 32nd guy to motorboat the same stripper on a Saturday night or would he like to be his favorite movie character? Dibs on the Big Trouble in Little China theme, though.