Apparently One Of The ‘Most Visually Beautiful’ Scenes In The Big-Budget ‘Thor: Love And Thunder’ Was Shot In A Dang Best Buy Parking Lot

With Thor: Love and Thunder getting ready to smash into theaters this week, the cast has been opening about filming the Marvel epic during the pandemic, which apparently required some creative location shooting. According to Natalie Portman, one particular scene that she can’t stop gushing about did not take place in a beautiful, otherworldly setting or even a scenic locale. Instead, the scene was shot in the parking lot of a big box retailer, and she’ll never be able to forget that fact.

Via Entertainment Weekly:

“There’s one scene that’s one of the most visually beautiful scenes I’ve seen on film, and we shot [it] in real life in a Best Buy parking lot,” Portman says with a laugh. “It’s so wild to be on this size of movie, and we were literally in a parking lot with a blue screen, doing this really dramatic thing. It looks so stunning on film, but every time I see it, I’m like, ‘That’s a Best Buy parking lot.'”

Despite shooting in Australia during COVID restrictions, the cast had a ball thanks to director Taika Waititi keeping things light and fun on set. Also, watching Russell Crowe get into Zeus mode by practicing his lighting bolt throws didn’t hurt either.

“He would sometimes stand outside of my trailer, practicing,” Tessa Thompson told EW. “He’d be in his tennis skirts with his little tendrils… It was the cutest thing.”

Thor: Love and Thunder opens in theaters on July 8.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)