Russell Crowe Spoiled His Own Major Role In ‘Thor: Love And Thunder’ In A Radio Interview

Russell Crowe was long-rumored to be in the mix in Phase Four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and it seems he himself spilled the beans on who he’s playing during a radio interview. Crowe is officially the latest Marvel actor to get spoiler-happy, much to the chagrin of Disney and perhaps to the relief of Tom Holland. Basically everyone involved with the latest Thor movie was hoping to keep the casting news officially under wraps, but Crowe apparently told the world himself.

As Collider noted, Crowe did a radio hit with a Melbourne radio program, JOY Breakfast with The Murphys, and actually revealed what he’s doing in Thor: Love And Thunder, which is currently filming down under. Spoilers ahead, of course, if you’d like his character to be a surprise.

“Now I’m gonna get on my bicycle, I’m gonna ride up to Disney-Fox studios, and I’m gonna get the hot tongs out, and round about 9:15 I shall be Zeus in Thor 4. It’s my last day of Zeus-ing about, and I’m gonna enjoy it.”

It’s a charmingly Australian bit of spoiling, as “hot tongs” are a local phrase for curling irons. And it finally confirms all the smoke we’ve seen regarding Crowe and the Marvel movie in recent weeks. Crowe appeared in some Getty photos with Love And Thunder director Taika Waititi and star Chris Hemsworth at an Australian rugby match, for example. So it’s not exactly like they were being super secretive about all this hanging out together.

Still, it’s unlikely Marvel is thrilled about the Zeus reveal here, as it had many speculating about other potential appearances in Love And Thunder if we’re going to get heavy into the Greek mythology tree. Like, say, a Hercules appearance as well? If that’s coming, however, we’ll have to keep monitoring Australian radio stations to see if they have any other interviews with Marvel stars willing to share the news.

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