Tom Holland Called One Of His ‘Spider-Man’ Co-Stars His ‘Everything’ On Instagram

Spider-Man has been overwhelmed with drama the last six months, what with the sudden near-divorce of Tom Holland’s Peter Parker from the MCU after Sony, who currently owns the rights to Stan Lee’s beloved teenage web-slinger, came to loggerheads with Marvel, who had him on loan. That all worked out, sort of: Holland’s Spidey will get a third film, plus one other MCU title, yet to be revealed. Anyway, things are cool for now, which means Holland can start casually Instagramming Spidey content, as he did on Tuesday.

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My everything

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It was nothing more than a still of him and co-star Jacob Batalon, who plays Peter’s high school bestie Ned Leeds. Beside it was a two-word caption: “My everything.” It was sweet, as was Batalon’s Instagram response: a picture of the two at a Far from Home event, with the words “Me and you against the world.” Holland left a reply under Batalon’s post, saying,” Forever and always.”

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Me and you against the world🥰❤️

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It’s sweet, or maybe it’s bittersweet: After the allotted two more Marvel Spider-Man pictures, who knows what the future holds? Or perhaps it’s rebellious: two friends furious that their future as Marvel colleagues is in jeopardy because two mega-companies can’t see eye to eye. Really, who knows? It’s cryptic enough that any interpretation currently seems valid. Whatever the case, here’s to good buddies saying nice things to each other over social media in front of their legions of fans.