The Terrifying ‘Umma’ Trailer With Sandra Oh Can Be Summed Up In Four Words: ‘Don’t Become Your Mother’

In Umma, Amanda (played by Killing Eve‘s Sandra Oh) is raising her daughter on a farm in rural America when she receives an unexpected visitor. A man arrives with the remains of her deceased mother, and that “her anger will grow as long as she remains in this box.” After unceremoniously dropping her mom’s ashes in a grave, things start to get… let’s just say, it’s a horror movie produced by Sam Raimi. Things get weird.

“Umma is the Korean word for mother. It’s what I call my mom. There’s obviously a lot of movies about mothers and motherhood, [but] for me, I just never got the experience of watching a movie that explored that theme in the way that I have always experienced it and viewed it,” Umma writer and director Iris K. Shim told Cinema Blend.

The trailer, which you can watch below, is not for the faint of heart: an adorable baby chicken gets crushed by a foot (to say nothing of the corpse-like hands that grab Oh), and a nine-tailed fox demon, or Kumiho, appears to be munching on some organs at the 2:04 mark. It’s terrifying… but I want one?

Umma, which also stars Fivel Stewart, Dermot Mulroney, Odeya Rush, MeeWha Alana Lee, and Tom Yi, hits theaters on March 18.