Florence Pugh And Andrew Garfield Fall In Love In A24’s Romantic ‘We Live In Time’ Trailer

In When Harry Met Sally, Harry meets Sally during a road trip from Chicago to New York City. It’s one of the most famous (and quotable) meet-cutes in movie history. We Live in Time, the new film from Brooklyn director John Crowley, also has a vehicular-based meet-cute, except instead of discussing whether men and women can be friends, Florence Pugh hits Andrew Garfield with her car. Hey, whatever works.

The decade-spanning A24 film stars Pugh and Garfield as Almut and Tobias, who hit it off following the, uh, accident. “Through snapshots of their life together — falling for each other, building a home, becoming a family — a difficult truth is revealed that rocks its foundation,” the official plot synopsis reads. “As they embark on a path challenged by the limits of time, they learn to cherish each moment of the unconventional route their love story has taken.” There’s happiness (they have a kid together), sadness (she appears to get diagnosed with cancer), and romantic strolls in the park together.

You can watch the trailer above.

“Oh my god, I’m excited about that movie,” Pugh told ET Online about We Live in Time. “That one, we just had the most beautiful time making it — we made a real story about real people and I got to work with the most unbelievable actor that I feel so honored to be in his presence and shout lines back to him.”

We Live in Time opens in theaters on October 11.