The Best Movies On Hulu Right Now, Ranked

12.04.18 5 days ago
best movies on hulu

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Last Updated: December 4th

While it may live in the shadow of other better-known streaming services, Hulu, once regarded simply as “that TV thing,” has managed to maintain itself as a viable competitor in terms of offering a great variety of content online. This includes an impressive selection of quality movies, but it’s not always easy to browse through their catalog if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Which begs the question: What is the best movie on Hulu right now? From iconic classics to contemporary indie fare, here’s a look at the 30 best films available to stream, ranked.

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1. Mulholland Dr. (2007)

Run Time: 147 min | IMDb: 8.0/10

Director David Lynch has undoubtedly left his mark on movies and TV with many of his projects, but his masterpiece just might be Mulholland Dr. Set in a simultaneously glamorous and bleak vision of Los Angeles, the film follows two women, one who doesn’t know who she is (Laura Harring), the other a young actress with big dreams (Naomi Watts). Just like the audience, they both get sucked into an increasingly confusing mystery filled with cowboys, dead bodies, and a questionable reality. Lynch has always been a master of weaving uniquely eerie foreboding and humor into his stories, and it’s never more apparent than Mulholland Drive. It’s a throwback to glitzy Hollywood noir and a nightmarish thriller highlighted by Angelo Badalamenti’s evocative score, Watts’ complex performance, and an endless list of questions. It’s a long, strange journey down Mulholland Dr., but as, as many critics have ranked it, the best film of the 21st century so far, it’s worth the trip.

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