Here’s Why Tom Cruise Is Bringing ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ To Cannes After A 30-Year Absence

Tom Cruise hasn’t a film premiere at Cannes since 1992 when he and his second wife, Nicole Kidman, brought Far and Away to the prestigious film festival. However, that thirty year absence is set to come to an end when Top Gun: Maverick flies into this year’s Cannes. As for why the long-awaited sequel to the 1986 classic is playing at the festival, it’s a tale as old as Hollywood: Cruise is practically getting the royal treatment. Via Variety:

Tom Cruise is set to be celebrated at the Cannes Film Festival this May with a career retrospective, an in-person conversation on stage and the premiere of his eagerly awaited “Top Gun” sequel “Maverick: Top Gun.” The actor will be in attendance at the Palais des Festivals on May 18 for a tribute event that will take in his 40-year film career. He will also take part in a conversation with journalist and Cannes associate Didier Allouch.

The Cannes premiere is a much-needed plug for Cruise, who has been batted about perhaps more than any other actor during the pandemic. The production for Mission: Impossible 7 took nearly two years to finish and became an extremely costly endeavor as the film continued to shoot across Europe. For those efforts, Cruise watched as the film was delayed several times, with Top Gun: Maverick often being pushed back as a result. So there’s nothing like a big splashy debut and a VIP event to remind everyone that Tom Cruise is still out here fighting to make movies that almost kill him. Seriously, they’re very dangerous.

Top Gun: Maverick will take audiences to the danger zone on May 27.

(Via Variety)