Bad Bunny Stood By Throwing A Fan’s Phone After She Approached Like She Was Going To ‘Rob’ Him

There’s no denying that Bad Bunny is one of the biggest music stars in the world. But, like all human beings, Benito simply asks that you respect his privacy. A fan of his learned this the hard way this past January, when she came up to meet him, and then proceeded to record a video of them walking together. In a viral clip, Bad Bunny was seen throwing the fan’s phone into a nearby body of water.

In a new interview with Time shared today (March 28), Bad Bunny stood by his choice, noting that he was uncomfortable by the fan’s approach.

“If you’re coming up like you’re going to rob me, then yes, it’ll bother me,” he said. “Why do you want a picture with me? Because I’m the Statue Of Liberty?”

Over the course of his career, Bad Bunny has dominated the charts with reggaeton music — never having released a song in English. Elsewhere in the interview, he revealed that he didn’t care much to learn more English until recently. However, he noted that he would only record and put out a song in English when the time’s right.

“The day I feel like I need to do a song in English, ” he said, “I’ll do it because I feel it.”

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