Beyoncé Recruited ‘Beyhive’ Member Kendrick Lamar For The New Surprise Remix Of ‘America Has A Problem’

Beyoncé might be currently embarking across Europe on her Renaissance Tour, but that hasn’t stopped her from sprinkling in some fun new surprises for fans. As part of a surprise drop tonight, she released a remix to “America Has A Problem” with a new feature from Kendrick Lamar.

In the updated version, Lamar opens the track with a strong and powerful verse — which is typical territory for him.

“My momma told me that the money outgrew you / My horoscope said I’m really out my noodle / I’m troublin’, I’m puzzlin’, it’s sudoku / Say B, yes, America got a problem / Kicked up, choosing love, well, they chose violence,” he raps.

“I’m an honorary Beyhive,” Lamar also jokingly adds.

The duo last collaborated back in 2016, when Lamar appeared on “Freedom” from Beyoncé’s Lemonade album. They would go on to perform it together several times, including at the BET Awards and her closing Formation Tour show in New Jersey, according to Billboard.

“She’s a perfectionist,” he also told Rolling Stone about her previously. “Think about the BET performance. She was very particular – the lighting, the camera blocking, the transition from the music to the dancing. It was confirmation of something I already knew.”

Check out Beyoncé’s “America Has A Problem” remix feat. Kendrick Lamar above.