Cardi B Channeled Her Inner Emo Kid As She Covered Fall Out Boy At A New Year’s Eve Party

Cardi B channeled her inner emo kid as she appeared at a massive party at Miami’s E11even nightclub to ring in the new year.

While she gave a solo performance of her hit collab with Megan Thee Stallion, “WAP,” she also took some time to reminisce on some songs of years’ past. After all, they don’t call it Rockin’ Eve for nothing.

At some point in the night, Cardi sang along to Fall Out Boy’s 2005 song, “Sugar, We’re Goin’ Down.”

“Anything you wanna hear, ’cause that’s just who I am this week,” Cardi sings to the crowd with a glass of champagne in hand. “Lying in bed, next to the mausoleum.” While she didn’t get exactly all the words right, the video is so fun that you can’t help but acknowledge her effort.

Fans greatly enjoyed the wild crossover too. “Cardi B singing Fall Out boy is so real I love her,” one person tweeted.

Back in September, Cardi posted some throwback pics of herself in high school, and claimed that she while she might not have called herself emo, she was close with them. “The emo kids in school were actually really cool and will give me free cigarettes,” she wrote.

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