Cardi B Shared Photos From When She Was In High School And Says, ‘I Wasn’t Emo!’

Cardi B has a hot and cold relationship with social media and Twitter in particular. Back in April, she left the platform for two weeks because fans were harassing her for skipping the Grammys. You have to wonder why a big name celebrity like the “I Like It” singer spends their time engaging with trolls and shifty fans. But when she does, it’s typically gold. And for the most part, Cardi is just trying to have some fun. So when she posted a series of photos from her high school days in The Bronx yesterday, some fans were having some fun with her.

“Ghetto teenager……fun fact -The emo kids in school were actually really cool and will give me free cigarettes,” she wrote along with four photos from her as a high schooler. One photo focused on her eyebrow piercing, in another she was lighting a cigarette in another, and on the last one, she was holding a vodka bottle looking, well…sorta emo.

One user definitely thought Cardi was the emo kid herself and let her know, saying, “Idky the last pic got me screaming. Emo Cardi was deep in that sh*t.”

Cardi B got defensive, but she clearly was having a good time with it. “I wasn’t EMO ….I was pierced cause Piercings was a big thing in the Bronx specially since this was the side lip piercing era,” she tweeted. “However they were a lot of emo kids in my school I will have history convos wit them while they give me free cigarettes [cry laughing emoji].”

So you be the judge. Was Cardi B an emo kid in high school? If her thoughts on My Chemical Romance are any indication, then this case is closed.

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