Cardi B Shuts Down A Stan’s Claims That Offset Cheated With Saweetie

Cardi is back on Twitter after a short hiatus earlier this year, but she’s already had to field increased abuse from Nicki Minaj stans. One apparently hacked TikTok star Bella Poarch’s Twitter to troll her the night of her debut EP release. And now, another has launched outlandish claims that Cardi’s husband Offset cheated on her with fellow rapper Saweetie — a claim for which no evidence was presented, as Cardi herself pointed out while defending herself and her husband.

The account, @SleezeMaraj, began its assault by mentioning Cardi’s upcoming court case for assault, getting Cardi’s attention and setting off the argument. Cardi appears to be well aware of the person behind the account, who she says was recently incarcerated for the theft of a large amount of clothing. After trading a few barbs — no pun intended — back and forth, Cardi presented a screenshot of the New York Court System’s website apparently revealing the mad fan’s extensive rap sheet.

From there, the argument escalated, with @SleezeMaraj accusing Offset of infidelity, straight up asserting that “Offset f*cked Saweetie!” However, Cardi wasn’t having it, noting that each of the account’s previous statements were unsupported by evidence. “First u claim I offered girls 4Ms over a case that the state pick up which is illegal ,then u claim I’m trying make mends wit no receipts,then claim my man was in ur friend face wit no receipts ,now u LYING to go viral,” she wrote, before adding a string of snoozing emojis. She also pulled up another screenshot of a text conversation, suggesting that @SleezeMaraj had built up a reputation for untrustworthy behavior.

As Cardi said in another follow-up tweet, “You makin crazy lies starting shit and putting female rappers in it WIT NO RECEIPTS,no blog ever spoke on this all of a sudden you come out of jail 5 days ago and you made up for lied in 2 hours wit NO RECEIPTS!”

This isn’t the first time Cardi has clapped back at online trolls trying to undermine her relationship with Offset. Last year, she dressed down a fan who claimed she was “supporting” her rapper husband. Meanwhile, for an explanation of how Saweetie got in the debate, look no further than a 2021 interview with Saweetie about a potential collaboration between the two. Since it has been “so long” (not long at all, but on Stan Twitter, time works differently, I guess) since it was first brought up, fans naturally speculate reasons why — and because kids clearly aren’t staying home watching Days Of Our Lives with their grandmothers anymore, they like making up the messiest scenarios they can think of for the entertainment they’re missing.

In any event, Cardi would do well to remember that age-old internet wisdom: Don’t feed the trolls.

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