Chuck Klosterman Discusses The Rise And Fall Of Classic Rock On The Celebration Rock Podcast

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Last week, I released my new book, Twilight Of The Gods: A Journey To The End Of Classic Rock. It’s about the generation of rock stars from the ’60s and ’70s that is currently in the process of either retiring or passing away. (You can check out an excerpt here.) For this week’s podcast, there was one person who I wanted to discuss this topic with, and that is Chuck Klosterman. Fortunately, when I invited Chuck to come on the podcast, he said yes.

Chuck has his own book out right now, the paperback version of his recent compilation of magazine profiles, Chuck Klosterman X: A Highly Specific, Definitely Incomplete History Of The Early 21st Century. One of my favorite pieces in that book is about Jimmy Page, a figure who also features prominently in my book. This lead to a conversation about how the “Led Zeppelin phase” remains a fixture in the lives of many young people. From there we talked about a variety of rock topics, from the value of rock mythology to Nine Inch Nails’ The Fragile to whether the #MeToo movement will change the ways that past behavior by rock stars is regarded.

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