Ciara And Summer Walker Are Teaming Up For A New Song, ‘Better Thangs’

One of the buzziest tracks on Summer Walker’s sophomore album Still Over It was the album’s outro, titled “Ciara’s Prayer.” The closing track features Ciara reciting the prayer she said led her to meet Russell Wilson, who later became her husband. Walker’s vocals are not on the track, but the two will be linking up again for a new collaboration.

The track, called “Better Thangs,” is set to arrive soon. This past weekend, Ciara shared an image of herself on social media with dyed orange hair, wearing a white tank top. The photo was captioned, “Where’s my twin at??:) #BetterThangs.”

Walker later took to Instagram and shared an image of herself with blue dyed hair and a white tank top, captioned, “#betterthangs.”

Later, Ciara shared a video on TikTok of her playing “Better Things” in the car with her kids. Fans can hear both Walker and Ciara’s vocals in the clip.

In an interview with Ebony, Ciara detailed her new album, which she said is as dance-oriented as her 2004 debut album, Goodies

“There’s so much energy in this album because I want to make the world dance — that’s always been my thing,” Ciara said. “It’s the tempo and beat I’ve been moving to in my music, and the key sentiments I’ve poured into this album. There is an R&B core in these records. To be honest, this album feels nostalgic. It takes me back to my first album in a way that no project I’ve done to this point has before.”

A release date for “Better Thangs” has not yet been confirmed.