Danny Brown Unleashes ‘Winter,’ His First Solo Song In Three Years

Detroit rapper Danny Brown is back with “Winter,” his first solo song in three years, after unveiling it during an episode of the podcast Your Mom’s House. For now, the two-and-a-half-minute track is only on Soundcloud, his flow uninterrupted against a haunting, brooding beat that lends an eerie atmosphere to the song.

Last year, he took part in The Red Bull SoundClash, up against Rico Nasty. About his participation in the event, he told Uproxx, “I was a part of the A$AP SoundClash in London that they did against Boy Better Know. I don’t know, but they just hit me up. But I was always a fan of what it was. So, of course, when they asked me to do it, I was down. It didn’t even matter who it was against.” He added, “It’s my own personal set. This is working with someone else. And to me, this is not a soundclash, with the real Jamaican sound clashes. This is training. This is preschool. I mean, that’s what they calling it, but this is not that vibe. It’s not that energy. In Jamaica, a soundclash is war. We ain’t got that energy with each other. We ain’t got that vibe, so this ain’t that.”

Listen to “Winter” below.