Dionne Warwick And Dolly Parton Have Recorded A ‘Very Special’ Gospel Duet That Drops This Month

Dionne Warwick and Dolly Parton, two of the most beloved and enduring musicians of their era, made the brilliant decision to record a gospel duet together, and fans just might get to hear it soon.

The song, “Peace Like A River,” came to fruition after Parton wrote the it and approached Warwick about wanting to work with her.

“She sent me a song that she wanted me to record, and I said, ‘OK, that sounds like a deal,'” Warwick said during an appearance on The Tamron Hall Show today (January 3). “She’s such a sweetheart, I know her. And then she sent me another song, the one that we’re going to be doing as a duet.”

“My heart is like, ‘This is how the year is supposed to be kicked off,'” Hall said, introducing the sweet news.

“I am very excited about this, I really am. I’ve done so many duets over the years, but this one’s gonna be very special,” Warwick added.

The collaboration feels very meant-to-be. Warwick’s late cousin, Whitney Houston, covered Parton’s “I Will Always Love You” — making it a massive hit again in 1992. Even though Warwick and Parton have been friends and are regarded as the internet’s most-loved grandmas, the duo hadn’t collaborated before… until this month.

Watch Warwick discuss her upcoming collaboration with Parton above.