Snoop Dogg Remembers Being ‘Out-Gangstered’ When Dionne Warwick Confronted Him In The ’90s Over His Lyrics

Over the weekend (on January 1), CNN debuted Dionne Warwick: Don’t Make Me Over, a documentary about the singer (that was the runner-up for the People’s Choice Award for Documentaries at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) in 2021). At one point in the movie, she told the story of a time in the ’90s, when she invited Snoop Dogg and other rappers to her home so they could discuss their misogynist lyrics with them.

She explained how she called Snoop, Suge Knight, and others to her home at 7 a.m. sharp. Once the rappers arrived (as CNN notes), Warwick told them to call her a “b*tch,” like they did to other women in their songs, and said to them:

“‘You know, you guys are all going to grow up. You’re going have families, you’re going to have children, you’re going to have girls. And one day that little girl is going to look at you and say, ‘Daddy, did you really say that? Is that really you?’ What are you going to say?’ I think it got through to them.”

Snoop spoke about that moment, too, saying that he and the other rappers took Warwick’s invite so seriously that they were in her driveway at 6:52 that morning. He said, “We were kind of like scared and shook up. We’re powerful right now, but she’s been powerful forever. Thirty-some years in the game, in the big home with a lot of money and success. […] She was checking me at a time when I thought we couldn’t be checked. We were the most gangsta as you could be, but that day at Dionne Warwick’s house, I believe we got out-gangstered that day.”

As Warwick suspected, her words did get through to them, or at least Snoop. He said, “I made it a point to put records of joy — me uplifting everybody and nobody dying and everybody living.” He added, “Dionne, I hope I became the jewel that you saw when I was the little, dirty rock that was in your house. I hope I’m making you proud.”

Check out the trailer for Dionne Warwick: Don’t Make Me Over below.