DJ Khaled Had A Very Merry Holiday By Getting Eminem’s Rare Air Jordans: ‘Never Give Up’

DJ Khaled celebrated his holiday by treating himself to a long-awaited and rare present: Eminem’s Nike Air Jordan 4 “Encore” sneakers. Khaled was so excited that he posted a video to his Instagram, where he sits holding the electric blue shoes.

“I finally got ’em. Anybody know me I been trying to get these for the longest time,” he says. “Yes, I have a lot of sneakers. I collect sneakers, I collect watches and I love my sneakers but I been trying to get these for so long and I finally got ’em.”

“The word is they only made like 23 pairs of these… I’m sure they made a little more than that but I know I been trying to get ’em and I could never get ’em,” Khaled continued.

Eminem’s “Encore” Jordans were originally released in 2005, according to HipHopDX, with only 50 pairs for his friends and family. Most recently, in 2017, there was a retro version of the shoe offered — with only 23 pairs made available, of which Khaled seemingly bought.

The publication notes that only one pair of the iconic shoe currently is being sold for $47,000 as a minimum.

As for Khaled, he’s been a documented sneakerhead. He even showed off his extensive shoe closet during an episode of Complex Closets in 2015, which has likely only grown since then.