Drake Gifted DJ Khaled Four Luxury Toilets For His Birthday: ‘He Went And Got The Best Of The Best’

In honor of DJ Khaled‘s 47th birthday, his frequent collaborator Drake gifted him a set of luxury loos.

The “Jimmy Cooks” rapper gave Khaled four luxury Toto toilets.

The toilets come with several state-of-the-art features, including a UV-light cleaning system, an air deodorizer, a bidet function, heated seats, and the Tornado flush system.

Khaled took to Instagram to show off the generous gifts.

“Listen,” Khaled said in a video. “This is not no regular toilet bowl. My brother Drake just bought me and my family about four big toilet bowls. This is called a Toto toilet bowl. If you ever been to Drake’s house, his toilet bowls are incredible.”

Khaled continued, saying, “This is called a Toto toilet bowl. I’m not even joking, Drake, we’ve been wanting this. Me and my queen been talking about getting Totos for the whole house … If you’ve ever been to Drake’s house, you know its worth $500 million. It’s not about the money, it’s just about, he went and got the best of the best. He gifted us a few of these Toto toilet bowls … I ain’t try it yet, but I’m hearing there’s some music involved.”

In the video, Khaled revealed that he installed the toilets in his and his wife’s main bathroom, the guest bathroom, the home theater, and the studio. He noted that the studio bathroom will be specifically reserved for Drake.