Drake Took A Video Of Himself Winning An Insane $215K Roulette Bet

What do you think the biggest, richest rappers on the planet do with their spare time? For Drake, this past Thursday was video roulette night. Doesn’t sound all that exciting, right? Well, maybe if you were putting down over $200,000 on a single spin, then it could be really exciting. That’s exactly what Drake did and he took video of himself winning a very improbable bet.

With a $215,000 bet down (to be exact), Drake was sitting at his kitchen table, hookah by his side. The man loves roulette and even has a $620,000 roulette watch. “I guarantee you it’s a repeat eight,” he says while staring at the live Roulette app on his screen. “I guarantee it. I feel it.” The ball goes around and sure enough, it lands on the eight. Drake flies up from his seat yelling “What did I say?! What did I f*cking say?!” And then promptly sits back down to play again. What a life.

But how much did he really win? A single bet of $215,000 on the eight would pay out 35 to 1. $7.525 million would be the payout there. But that’s not how anyone plays roulette. Not even Drake. You spread the odds and put smaller amounts on single numbers and groups of numbers to balance out your winnings and limit your potential losses. A popular way to bet is to put the bulk of your chips on either red or black, which gives you close to a 50/50 split on wherever the ball lands. (“Always bet on Black,” Wesley Snipes famously said in Passenger 57.)

For context, another clip on Twitter shows Drake placing another $215,000 bet (gotta be his go-to figure) where, despite not hitting the single number he called out, the screen flashes with “you win $354,000,” as “PAMI” by DJ Tunez, WizKid, Adekunle Gold, and Omah Lay blasts in the background.

Whatever the payout on the “repeat eight” bet was, Drake’s screen also shows that he had over $2.8 million in the bank at that point in the evening. So this second spin probably came after hitting the eight. Again, what a life.