Drake’s New Statement Timepiece Has A Working Roulette Wheel And It’s Ridiculous

We all know that in this modern age of smartphones the wristwatch has been relegated to statement piece status. Nobody needs a watch per se. So when you see someone wearing one (especially if it’s expensive), you know they want the world to know that they have enough money to tell time with what is essentially a big flashy wristband. But Drake — quite possibly the most influential voice in modern hip hop — isn’t content to just tell time with an expensive and pretty bracelet, oh no. Drizzy picked up the new Jacob & Co. Astronomia Casino, which features a working roulette wheel and is valued at $620,000. That proves two things about Drake — he’s ballin’ incredibly hard and he’s a huge dork.

I’m sorry, but if you have a working roulette wheel on your wrist, you are a James Bond-level villian dork. In case you’re wondering, the Astronomia Casino sits in a 28mm 18k rose gold/sapphire crystal case and features a push-activated ceramic ball, working roulette table, a double-axis tourbillon, magnesium lacquered globe, and a Roman numeral display with a one-carat 288-facet Jacob-cut diamond.

Jacob & Co. is known for its complicated designs and watch-nerd appeal. If you think this timepiece is crazy, wait until you see what other elaborate timepieces they have on the market.

Check out a few of the most outlandish timepieces below.