Ella Mai’s ‘DFMU’ Is More Velvety R&B From The Rising Star

Following up the success of a song like “Boo’d Up” is a tough thing to do, but Ella Mai is doing just fine. The rising R&B star made sure her 2017 song that turned into a 2018 hit wasn’t the only thing fans had to tide them over, releasing a full-length self-titled album that same year. In fall of 2020, she returned with a new single, “Not Another Love Song,” but has mostly been quiet on the release front since then.

Tonight, she’s changed that by sharing a brand new song with fans, rather mysteriously titled “DFMU.” A cursory listen will help most fans figure out what Ella is singing about on this one, though, as she sings “Don’t f*ck me up / don’t let me down.” There’s a video for the song coming tomorrow morning, so tonight we just get the song, but it’s a bit more woozy and about the same mid-tempo pacing as “Not Another Love Song,” though neither are quite as percussive as her infamous “Boo’d Up.” Either way, the song is a great step forward for an R&B artist that fans have been craving new music from for a few years now. Hear the new track below and keep an eye out for the video tomorrow.