Fat Joe Explains Why Jay-Z Is The Greatest Rapper Of All Time, As Indicated By A Controversial Recent List

In December, Fat Joe said his unreleased collaboration with Jay-Z would never see the light because of the NFL. “He had just signed that big deal with that NFL, so he wanted to let it go,” he said. “He gave it to me… But I guess his people were like, ‘Yo bro, you just did a deal with them. How are you going to go in like that?'” It was a big loss for Fat Joe, who often sings Jay-Z’s praises.

He’s hyping Jay-Z up again after the “Empire State Of Mind” rapper topped Billboard and Vibe‘s much-discussed recent list of the greatest rappers.

“The one I agree with — and this is not being political — is they put Jay-Z first. Now why do I say Jay-Z first and I agree?” He began in a video. He explains that there are “certain rappers” who “have flows like nobody else.” “But when they got older in age […] it don’t sound current with 2023,” he said. He went on to say that Jay-Z remains relevant in the times.

Last year, Fat Joe also flattered Jay-Z by saying he had the “hardest lyric in hip-hop” with this line from ‘Feelin’ It”: “If every n**** in your clique is rich, then your clique is rugged / Nobody will fall ’cause everyone will be each other’s crutches.” “Everybody wanna be the man,” Fate Joe said. “Everybody wanna be the guy everybody looks up to. There’s no real strength in that. The strength is in everybody eating — so that if one of us falls, we can lift him up. You have to understand that mentality.”