Future Declares Valentine’s Day As The ‘Worst Day’ Because He Has ‘Too Many To Please’

Future is one of the many artists in the music world who’s been deemed toxic by listeners. A large reason for that came after the release of his 2017 album Hndrxx which was filled with toxicity from top to bottom (take “My Collection” for example). After some years as one of the trap kings of Atlanta, Future is back to reclaim his toxic crown and it comes just in time for Valentine’s Day. Future returns with “Worst Day” and it finds him sharing the problems he experiences on the romantic holiday.

The rapper admits that because of his polygamous ways, which finds him entertaining multiple women at a time, Valentine’s Day tends to be a chaotic holiday for him, so much so that he deems it the worst day. In a music video he released with the song, which features an appearance from Kevin Samuels, Future displays the struggles he experiences on Valentine’s Day. Multiple dates, multiple gifts, and the need to stretch himself thin trying to satisfy all of his partners are just some of the things he goes through on February 14.

Future’s latest single is presumable the first offering from his upcoming ninth album, however, it could also just be a loosie he released for Valentine’s Day. It’s been almost two years since Future released a solo album, that being High Off Life, so hopefully he has one on the way.

You can watch the video for “Worst Day” above.