Fans Think A New Potential COVID Variant Resembles Future’s ‘DS2’ Cover

One thing about rap fans: We will get these jokes off — no matter the target. Even COVID-19, the virus that has completed upended the normal workings of society for the past two years, isn’t safe. Thanks to a news outlet’s tweet of a mutant variant of the virus — a combination of the Delta and Omicron variants dubbed, naturally, “Deltacron” — folks on Twitter are comparing the image to the cover of a fan-favorite trap album.

While the computer-generated images of the COVID-19 coronavirus floating around are mostly just simulated magnifications of what the virus would look like under a powerful microscope, CTV News’ choice of color scheme and the shape of the mutant strain resemble nothing so much as the cloudy, Rorschach-like splotches on Future’s DS2 cover. So, it didn’t take long for fans to spot the resemblance and turn the new strain into the butt of plenty of jokes playing on the album’s title, themes, and lyrics.

“You know we talk that sick talk, that sick talk,” joked one fan over a post that added the DS2 title card to the Deltacron image. “I just took a piss and I seen COVID coming out,” cracked another.

All jokes aside, it looks like we can chalk the so-called Deltacron variant up to a lab error, just like another purported super strain, “Flurona.” For now, it looks like we don’t have to worry about any fusion variants, because the original recipe is still nasty enough. They say laughter is the best medicine, though, so feel free to check out some more of the fans’ jokes and give yourself your daily dose of chuckles below.