Gunna Says Freddie Gibbs Reached Out For A Collab After Freddie Called Him A Snitch

Of the many noteworthy, viral moments on Gunna‘s new album DS4EVER, one that amused fans was Gunna’s Freddie Gibbs diss, which didn’t quite live up to expectations after he hyped it up the week of the album’s release. Earlier that week, Gunna tweeted, “When my album drop Freddie Gibbs will have the biggest moment of his career.” However, upon hearing “Poochie Gown,” the song containing the diss, fans (and Freddie) were underwhelmed to hear the line in question. “I can’t f*ck with Freddie Gibbs / N****s tellin’ fibs.” Oooh. Burn.

Today, Gunna stopped by The Breakfast Club, where he was grilled about the origins of the line and revealed just how deep his resentment of the Gary, Indiana rapper runs. While fans speculated — and Gunna confirmed — that the line was a response to Gibbs’ 2020 comments suggesting Gunna was a “snitch” after footage of his appearance on a local news clip was mistaken for a scene from Crime Stoppers online, Gibbs revealed that Freddie had reached out to collaborate, even after the misunderstanding.

“Some people just speak on it, like, ‘OH he was on Crime Stoppers’” Gunna complained. “When? I don’t know, I ain’t never sent nobody to jail. I ain’t never talk to a cop on-camera… He tried to do a song with me, through my manager… He thought I forgot.” Unfortunately, his lyrical reply turned out to be a dud, only giving Gibbs new, more legitimate reasons to ridicule him. While that collaboration idea does sound intriguing, it looks like the two rappers now have more in conflict than in common (they’re both technically Warner artists), so don’t hold your breath.

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