Janelle Monáe Continues Her NSFW Run With A Flashing Video That’s Sending Fans Into A Frenzy

If you’ve been on the internet the past few days, you’ve seen a lot of Janelle Monáe. The actress/singer is rolling out a new album, The Age Of Pleasure, and they’ve been doing it in a number of provocative ways. She dropped a wet t-shirt video to tease her “Lipstick Lover” visual, and when the full video came out yesterday (May 11), there was skin galore. Now, another Monáe clip has surfaced and it’s the most revealing one yet.

At an event celebrating Monáe’s new single and album announcement, Monáe was performing in front of a crowd and at one point lifted her shirt (which was the same style as the one from the “Lipstick Lover” video) and exposed her breasts for about a second as she danced. NSFW videos of the moment can be found circulating on social media (or more specifically, here and here).

This rings true with what Monáe tweeted yesterday: “Titties out for the next 15 years. [smiling with tongue out emoji].”

Of course, Twitter users had a lot of say about this (Monáe is a trending topic this morning), and about what she’s been up to recently in general:

The Age Of Pleasure is out 6/9 via Wondaland Arts Society/Atlantic Records. Find more information here.

Janelle Monáe is a Warner Music artist. .